All WordPress admin pages in one table

general_settingsI keep not being able to find where a particular setting appears in the admin pages. So I surveyed all of them and tabulated the settings to be found on each. Should allow quick Search to find what’s where.

Nav Section Nav Item Page title Setting/Feature
Dashboard Dashboard Dashboard Right Now (including Change Theme); Recent Comments; Incoming Links; Your Stuff; What’s Hot; QuickPress; Recent Drafts; Stats;
Not detailed here: Blog Stats; Blog Surfer; My Comments; Tag Surfer; Subscriptions; Readomatic
Posts Edit Edit Posts Table lists posts; Link to edit post, Actions: delete.
Add New Add New Post (Similar to Edit Post)
Editor: Text edit area. (Visual WYSIWYG, HTML.) Note this area is resizable using bottom-left grabber.
Publish options:
Status: Published, Pending Review, Draft
Visibility: Public (optional Stick this post to front page. (“Sticky”), Password protected, Private.
Published on [date] (Editable).
Set tags for post; Set categories for post; Excerpt; Trackbacks; Discussion (aka Comments) options: Allow comments; Allow trackbacks and pingbacks
Tags Tags Popular tags; Add a new tag; List tags in use on this site; Actions: Delete tag
Categories Categories Add category; Set category parent; Category description; List of all categories; Actions: Delete category
Media Library Media Library List all media in library (ie: associated with this site); Thumbnail, file, author, posts it’s attached to, Comments, Date. Filter, search, Actions: delete.
Add New Upload New Media Upload New Media; Browse (local computer), Upload. Space report
Links Edit Edit Links List of links. Name, URL, Categories, rel, Visible. Search, filter, order.  Delete.
Add New Add New Link Name, Web Address, Description, Categories, Target, Link Relationship (XFN): identity, friendship, physical, professional, geographical, family, romantic. Advanced: Image Address, RSS Address, Notes, Rating.  Save: Keep link private.
Link Categories Link Categories Add Category: Category name, description. List of link categories: Name, description, links. Actions: Delete.
Pages Edit Edit Pages List of pages: Title, Author, comments, Date. Actions: Edit, Delete.
Add New Add New Page (Similar to Edit Page)
Editor:  Text edit area. (Visual WYSIWYG, HTML.) Note this area is resizable using bottom-left grabber.
Publish options:
Status: Published, Pending Review, Draft
Visibility: Public (no Sticky option), Password protected, Private.
Published on [date] (Editable).
Attributes: Parent page (hierarchy) Order number. Discussion (comments) control: Allow comments; Allow Pings.
Comments Edit Comments List of comments: Author, Comment, In Response To. Actions: Unapprove, Approve, Mark as spam, Delete. Filter. Check for spam. Search Comments.
Polls Edit Polls in WordPress “You need an account at”. Autocreate new account, Import my existing PollDaddy account.
Add New (goes to “Polls in WordPress” page, probably because I have no PollDaddy account set up.)
Appearance Themes Manage Themes Shows Current Theme
Options (for current theme): Widgets, Extras, Edit CSS. Custom Image Header (if theme supports it). (All of these link to pages that also appear below in admin nav column.)
Area to select from available themes. Filter based on: Colors, columns, width (fixed, flex), options, miscellaneous.
Widgets Widgets Area to select from available widgets, to add to sidebar. Chosen widgets appear in list, can be dragged to rearrange, and opened to edit per-widget options.
Extras Extras Enable Snap Shots
Hide related links (and prevent this blog from showing up in other blogs’ related links.).
Custom Image Header Your Header Image (Only available if theme supports it.)
Hide Text
Select a Text Color
Use Original Color
Save Changes
Upload New Header Image (which uploads and resizes/crops according to theme).
Edit CSS CSS Stylesheet Editor Text box for providing/editing CSS
Option to use this CSS in addition to or as replacement of theme’s CSS.
Limit content width to [ ] pixels. (Limit embedded content like images to a particular width. Does not impact theme column width.)
Save Stylesheet (only if subscribed to CSS upgrade).
Users Authors and Users Users List of users, showing Username, Name, Emal, Role, Posts.
Change role to:  Admin, editor, author, contributor
Delete user
Add user
Your Profile Profile Your API key is: XXXXX.
My Gravatar: Change
Personal Options
Visual Editor: Optionally disable
Admin Color Scheme
Keyboard Shortcuts: Enable for comment moderation
Browser Connection: Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages
Interface language
Primary Blog
Name, Username, First name, Last name, Nickname, Display name
Contact Info: E-mail, Website, AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber / Google Talk
About Yourself: Biographical Info
New Password
Invites Invites Send invite to: First Name, Last Name, Email, Personal Message.
Options: Add to my blogroll after signup; Add user to my blog as contributor.
Tools Tools Tools Turbo: Speed up WordPress with Gears [Install now]
Press This: bookmarklet
Import Import Import posts and/or comments from:
Blogroll: OPML format
Categories and Tags converter: Convert cats to tags, or tags to cats
LiveJournal: XML
MovableType and TypePad
WordPress: Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.
Export Export WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR: posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.
Option to restrict author
Settings General General Settings Blog Title
Tagline (does not appear in all themes).
Blog Picture
E-mail address (for Admin purposes)
Timezone, Date Format, Time Format, Week Starts On
Writing Writing settings Size of post ox
Formatting: Convert emoticons; Correct invalidly nested XHTML
Default post category
Default link category
Reading Reading settings Front page displays: Your latest posts OR A static page (choose a page to appear for Front Page and Posts Page).
Blog pages show at most N posts
Syndication feeds show the most recent N posts
For each article in a feed, show: Full text, Summary
For each article in an enhanced feed, show: Categories; Tags; Comment count;
Add to Stumbleupon;;; Reddit
Encoding for pages and feeds (UTF-8 is recommended)
Discussion Discussion Settings Default article settings:
[ ] Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article
[ ] Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)
[ ] Allow people to post comments on the article
(These settings may be overridden for individual articles.)
Other comment settings:
[ ] Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
[ ] Users must be registered and logged in to comment
[ ] Automatically close comments on articles older than N days
E-mail me whenever
[ ] Anyone posts a comment
[ ] A comment is held for moderation
Before a comment appears
[ ] An administrator must always approve the comment
[ ] Comment author must have a previously approved comment
Comment Moderation
[ ] Don’t discard spam on old posts
[ ] Hold a comment in the queue if it contains N or more links.
[ ] Filter to moderation on list of words to match: content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP
Comment Blacklist
[ ] Mark as spam on list of words to match: content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP
Option to not allow visitors to subscribe to the comments made on this blog.
Avatar Display: Option to show/not show.
Maximum Rating: G/PG/R/X
Default Avatar: Mystery Man/Blank/Gravatar Logo/Identicon (Generated)/Wavatar (Generated)/MonsterID (Generated)
Media Media Settings Image sizes (width, height) for: Thumbnail, Medium, Large sizes
Privacy Privacy Settings Blog Visibility:
( ) Visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Sphere, Technorati) and archivers
( ) Block search engines, but allow normal visitors
( ) Visible only to users I choose
Delete Blog Delete Blog
OpenID OpenID Trusted Sites Delete
URL checkbox (???)
Add Trusted Site
Domains Domains Add a domain to blog
List of Domains. Cols: Domain, Function, Created, Expires, Email.
Upgrades Upgrades Upgrades Custom CSS
Unlimited Private Users
Space Upgrades: 5G, 15G, 25G,
Gifts Gifts Gifts: (Credit toward WP upgrades)
Domains Domains Appears to be the same as Settings: Domains.

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