IE7: Image next to italic gets hosed

Test page for an IE7 bug.

ie7_logoIt seems that if you position an image to float left, and in the text there happens to be some italic text, and it positions next to the image, it causes the image below the top of the italic line of text to disappear.  Try this out by adjusting the window width to wrap this paragraph in different ways.

Screen-cap of problem:



Apparently, this is an instance of the bug(s) reported here:

I noted that it seems to depend on the calculation algorithm used for text width and wrapping. Setting a max-width on the <p> element (via CSS) seems to cure the problem, even if that max-width is much larger than the container current width or even allowed width.  (I had to specifically disable max-width for this post in order to demo the problem.)

Some other strategies:

Other interesting pages:


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