Marks and Meaning notes

marks_and_meaningNotes relating to Dave Gray’s Marks and Meaning “unbook” project.  Visual thinking, knowledge management, structure-of-the-universe, how to draw, neuroscience, cognitive science, all in one place!

Relevant to the motivation for visualization

… in thinking or communication.

The primacy of Objects – Attributes – Relationships, and from there Types etc.

Attempts to motivate from neuroscience

… which I think it a weak approach, since not enough is known about how knowledge is represented in the brain at a neuroscience level to extrapolate much about how to use the brain better. Most literature in this area seems oriented to speculating on how the brain might be employing neurons based on observed coarse-level behavior. Extrapolating from these speculations thus results in a circular argument.

  • Edward de Bono: The Mechanism of Mind 1969.

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