What’s this site all about?

This blog follows my pursuit of issues in online collaboration, knowledge development and publication, also software analysis, and perhaps a little neuroscience, diagramming and visualization, with other topics thrown in once in a while.

Update Feb 2014: After a long hiatus, I decided to revisit this site, to see how the WordPress.com platform has evolved, and in order to prototype some content for another WordPress site I want to contribute to.

Update 2013: So, the site used to perform some of those functions listed in the teaser. However, the inconveniences of hosting on wordpress.com set in… like one’s categories (tags) are shared with all other wp.com users so are useless for organization unless you make up artificially unique ones. And the cost of having custom CSS went up. And without that you get ads…

So I resolved to move on to a better platform. I got quite a bit of mileage out of grahamwideman.wikispaces.com, but it has its own tedious shortcomings. Still not the promised land.

In the meantime, this site is still here, mostly frozen in 2009.  Sigh.

OK, back to 2009…

Of the topics in the teaser, the area most reflected in this site revolves around assembling a set of tools for some software analysis capability that I want to have at hand.

I describe what motivated this direction in My foray into software analysis tools.

I made some contributions to database analysis tools, for example the ModelRight Scripting Guide.

I chewed on some source-code parsing tasks, and have been involved off-and-on in the ANTLR effort, primarily as a technical reviewer on Terence Parr’s last couple of books (Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference, and Language Implementation Patterns)

For everything else… see the sidebar to visit posts by Categories or by date.


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