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Position on wordpress categories, tags and “Pages”

I’ve recently been trying to determine how best to use’s tags and categories.  My conclusion is that as currently implemented they are fatally flawed, obliging users to either put up with very unsatisfactory behavior, or use categories or tags in an unnecessarily distorted way to get sensible outcomes.  I look at remediations. Advertisements

Firebug: Essential for CSSing WordPress

Customizing the appearance of a website on means selecting from the provided themes, and optionally augmenting its CSS.  To make the CSS task tractable requires a tool that allows inspecting the relationship between a page’s html, and the CSS that operates upon it, element by element. Probably the most popular tool for doing that […]

Theme customization with CSS: Sandbox competition

The Sandbox theme focuses on “semantic markup”, which means that it exposes all  available data marked up in easily distinguishable ways, leading to maximum ability to customize using only CSS.  This is of special interest to users of, where customization is permitted to the CSS, but not to the php portion of each theme.

All WordPress admin pages in one table

I keep not being able to find where a particular setting appears in the admin pages. So I surveyed all of them and tabulated the settings to be found on each. Should allow quick Search to find what’s where.

Sidebar style silliness survey

Continuing to examine all six of’s 2-column, flexible-width themes, all but one have what appear to be bugs in their off-the-shelf CSS for the sidebar (ie: widgets).  Here’s a survey.

Playing with WP rubric theme

In which I take a first crack at selecting a WordPress theme, briefly try out “Silver is the new black”, move on to Rubric, conclude that the CSS upgrade is probably essential, and start fiddling.  And also save my Rubric CSS additions, for future reference.