Position on wordpress categories, tags and “Pages”

I’ve recently been trying to determine how best to use wordpress.com’s tags and categories.  My conclusion is that as currently implemented they are fatally flawed, obliging users to either put up with very unsatisfactory behavior, or use categories or tags in an unnecessarily distorted way to get sensible outcomes.  I look at remediations. Continue reading


IE7: Image next to italic gets hosed

Test page for an IE7 bug. Continue reading

The linux loader, and how it finds libraries: ld-linux and so on

loader_12As part of an effort to understand implications of different installation procedures on linux, I investigated how executables find shared object libraries (libxyz.so) for dynamic loading, and thus what an installer (program or human) needs to configure. Continue reading

Linux package installation, dependencies, loading

pckg01_snip1Several interlocking topics explored that relate to understanding installation of linux packages: What dependencies does the installation need to take care of? Much of the answer lies in how executables are found and loaded when requested. Continue reading

Linux admin random notes

Notes relating to Linux admin topics.

Continue reading

Windows tips catch-all

A page on which to capture Windows tips I might want to remember in the future… Continue reading

Firebug: Essential for CSSing WordPress

firebug_teaserCustomizing the appearance of a website on wordpress.com means selecting from the provided themes, and optionally augmenting its CSS.  To make the CSS task tractable requires a tool that allows inspecting the relationship between a page’s html, and the CSS that operates upon it, element by element. Probably the most popular tool for doing that is the Firebug addon for Firefox.

Below is a two-minute tour of the features that make Firebug indispensable. Continue reading

Theme customization with CSS: Sandbox competition

sandbox-wrock-itThe Sandbox theme focuses on “semantic markup”, which means that it exposes all  available data marked up in easily distinguishable ways, leading to maximum ability to customize using only CSS.  This is of special interest to users of wordpress.com, where customization is permitted to the CSS, but not to the php portion of each theme. Continue reading

Rough comparison of some hosted blogging-plus platforms

blog-platformsI surveyed several hosted platforms that offer blogging plus other features, on criteria that are priorities to me.  The comparison is somewhat rough-and-ready, but allowed me to settle on wordpress.com for currrent initiatives. Continue reading

All WordPress admin pages in one table

general_settingsI keep not being able to find where a particular setting appears in the admin pages. So I surveyed all of them and tabulated the settings to be found on each. Should allow quick Search to find what’s where. Continue reading